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Bee Tour for

Include a bee tour in your next visit to the Big Island! A great option for visitors to the Big Island who would like an intimate beekeeping 2 hour tour of beehives. Groups are limited to 10 people.   Find out more and book a beekeeping experience today!​ 
Tours are Monday-Thursday


Virtual Bee Tour for the Classroom 

Book a virtual beekeeping tour for your classroom!  Available for PreK - 12th grades. A virtual tour is presented over the Zoom platform at the convenience of your classroom.  Find out more and book a virtual classroom experience today!​

Tours are Monday-Thursday


In-Person Classroom Tour

Book an in-person tour for your class!  Open to all ages.  Class visits can range from 1 to 3 hour visits.  Students will be able to visit with bees up close and personal! Class visits are limited to 10 people.

Contact us for more information!


May 21st, 28th, and June 4th, 11th, 2022

The Art of Bee Keeping
​4-Part Course

Join Bird and Bee Hawaii for a unique beekeeping course created for students wishing to learn all aspects of how to start beekeeping.   Participants will be given weekly reading materials;  provided with basic beekeeping equipment and supplies to start their own colonies; classroom talks as well lots of hands on experience in active bee colonies.

Classes are kept at an 8 person class size and participants are given individualized attention throughout the course as well as free mentoring through email and a site visit if requested after the completion of the course.  

All participants will receive a certificate of completion upon the completion of the class.

If you have more questions about this Introductory Beekeeping Course, please don't hesitate to contact us at
808-936-6019 or

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